Prior to the late 19th century, families took care of all the details of burying their loved ones. Although undertakers were well-known before the 19th century, it was during the height of the "cult of mourning" that undertakers became an essential figure not only just to those of the upper classes, but most importantly catering to middle and lower class funerals.
For a fee, the Victorian Undertaker would provide all of the required embellishments that were considered necessary for a properly respectful funeral: carriage, black horses, feather plumes, a "pall," and mourning gloves for the mourners, etc. The elaborate mourning rituals of the 19th century were a requirement in order to maintain a certain social status among the community, and the Victorian Undertaker was more than happy to oblige. This poster is 17 inches wide by 22 inches high, generous black ink lushly printed on parchment stock.

Poster-Undertaker's Cabinet

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